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G3 style rifle takedown.

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

The G3 rifle is not a complicated machine. It is as a matter of fact very easy to maintain.

Place the weapon on safe. Remove magazine and open the chamber by pulling back on the charging handle. Ensure you have an empty chamber.

Close the chamber by riding bolt forward.

Remove push pins from behind pistol grip and place them in buttstock:

Remove buttstock/recoil spring assembly by pulling it straight back:


Remove trigger group by grabbing pistol grip and pulling down:

Lower hammer by placing selector in fire, placing thumb over hammer and pulling the trigger. Let the hammer forward easy.

Push selector switch past the Safe detent, fully upward facing:

Pull selector switch out.

Pull upward on trigger pack, removing it from trigger housing:


Pull charging handle to rearward (open) position. Remove bolt carrier group by pulling it out through the rear of receiver:

Remove bolt from carrier by grasping flat sides of bolt and turning counter-clockwise (looking at bolt face):

Removing the bolt exposes the locking piece:

Turn locking piece until it is released from bolt carrier:

Removing locking piece exposes the firing pin:

Remove firing pin and spring:


Remove handgaurd by pulling pin located between barrel and cocking tube to the rear of the front sight:

Rock it down and forward to free it from receiver:

This is the extent of stripping needed for routine maintenance of this rifle:

Reassembly is reverse of disassembly.

Reassemble rifle and perform functions check.

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