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Updated: Feb 5, 2023


A simple chest rig built to last. 1000d cordura on the OCP and 500d on the rest of the colors (ranger, olive, 499 tan, coyote, and camo green). Only milspec webbing is used to construct these bad boys that are capable of carrying twelve USGI 30 round M16 magazines -or- eight 7.62x51mm magazines.

While not as sexy or up to date as a modular PALS/MOLLE rig these have their place. No set up. These are ready to go and solid, no sweating over snaps or attachment points. This is a simple piece of gear. Stuff magazines in the pockets, stuff beers in the pockets. Place extras in the kangaroo pouch. Head to the range and become the envy of all.

Etsy, while a decent marketplace has banned this product as an accessory for firearms. This will be marketed as a BEER BRA. It is perfect for carrying four GTBs around the woods.

DAB GTBs .5 liter cans

The current crop of coyote brown rigs is an old style. The products to follow will be a new style and are guaranteed to last.

Look here...

And here...

Coyote aka paper bag brown. Current coyote inventory uses edge trimming.

OCP pattern L/R. Shown with 30 round STANAG magazines, 500ml German Tall Boy and 5.56mm AK magazines. The trim in the current iteration is no longer used. The design has changed.

L to R:

1" 4088 milspec webbing is used to reinforce the upper pockets.

Unseen when stitched.

Old style pocket flap.

Old style map pocket flaps with pocket flaps.

Prototype in OCP camo.

Transitional model in Multcam Tropic.

Transitional model in Olive.

New production model in 499 Tan.

New production in Pencott Badlands ™️.

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