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Modular storage solutions.

A mentioned in a previous post, I had a spare tire taking up valuable cargo space in my Ramcharger. While this was by far the biggest barrier to making space, there were also two tool boxes mounted near the rear hatch. GONE! Get the hell out of here! These were ditched in favor of a pair of 20mm ammo cans. The rear seat, an aftermarket replacement for the factory seat separates the two cans. One can is filled with tools, a necessity when traveling outside the realm of civilization and its many conveniences. The other contains basic parts; u-joints, belts, hoses and much more.

The cans are secured by USGI ratchet straps. These are of much higher quality than anything available at your local DIY store. The tie-down points are brackets from a seatbelt installation kit. I tend to over build projects so I opted for grade 8 flange bolts and nuts to secure the brackets. No worry of nuts vibrating off!

The rear tie down point is a cheap (thus temporary) 1/2" eye-bolt secured by a flange nut.

A full tool kit fits in a 20mm can. Sockets and wrenchs are stored in .30 cal cans, which fit tight side by side in the larger can. What does not fit in the .30 cal cans goes in the large nylon bag. The items that do not fit in the 20mm can; a 1/2 drive speed driver (for lug-nuts) and a sleever-bar have a safe home under the rear seat.

The success of this system has emboldened me to explore more ammo-can possibilities. A first-aid kit and recovery gear presently reside in a pair of .50 cal cans mounted on the wheel-wells. They fit perfectly.

Stay tuned for more ideas!

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