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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Badass cooler! Purchased out of frustration from dealing with cheesy department store bullshit, this guy really earned its keep.

Summer 2021 was the summer of ORBDR which took the gang 750 miles through the Oregon outback during a triple digit heatwave. The cooler came through. It kept the meat, cheese, beer and eggs cool for ten sun-scorched days. Believe it. Ice was purchased when the opportunity (rare) revealed itself; probably every third day.

No sweat.

The cooler is large, measuring 36”W X 21”H X 20.5”D.

That thickness and a rubber gasket combined with a positive mechanical latch system are the secrets to its success.

The container has large fixed molded handles making moving the cooler very easy. This design keeps things simple by eliminating moving parts that can be easily broken. Keep things simple, what a concept!

I have always had a problem with meat juice and melting ice mixing up inside a cooler, creating some type of bacterial cocktail, shaken and stirred. I am not a germophobic hypochondriac. That said, chicken juice stirring around beer cans in lukewarm water is absolutely disgusting.

Modularity is an added benefit to this product: USGI .50 cal ammo cans. What the hell can‘t these things be used for? They fit in this cooler like it was designed by Pelican to satisfy my needs. There are grooves in the cooler to accommodate the can’s latch.

Your meats go in the cans, cans go in the cooler, ice and beer go the rest of the way. Problem solved! There is room in the cooler for three USGI .50 cal ammo cans. I use the three cans (NOS) for nothing but food. They stay stowed in the cooler at all times. If you are in the market for something you can hold onto for a lifetime of abuse, this is the cooler for you.

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