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There is a lack of solid mid-weight tarps available on the market for us outdoor people. We are stuck with either a blue pile of trash from the local hardware store or an overpriced lightweight silnylon job from the hiking palace. Nothing wrong with either, unless you are serious about keeping your head dry outside...

In the spirit of capitalism the Prototarp was born. Ready for action, this packable shelter measures 10x15’ and is constructed of durable 400d nylon pack-cloth. Nylon webbing runs down the ridge and there are 15 steel d-rings to tie off to, making this tarp very versatile in the field. This bad boy has been thoroughly tested in the Pacific Northwest and will be available for sale and a weekend in the rain soon. Keep posted!

Prototarp setup on a steel frame in the Olympic rainforest.

Belly full of water. Estimated at 20+ gallons. Sitting overnight.

150 pounds of water caused a slight seep at the seam. No drips. No problem.

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