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Altama OTB Maritime boots

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I have searched my entire lifetime for a pair of shoes I consider perfect. The quest ended last year when I found the OTB. These treads are the absolute in versatility, from river valleys to city streets they have no equal.

Summertime adventures for me tend to wind up near rivers and getting into a killer camp spot usually means getting wet feet.

No problem!

These kicks feature a soft rubber sole with a mildly aggressive tread pattern that helps with walking over slick, wet rocks. The toe cap, similar to a Chuck Taylor shoe keeps your toes from getting bashed on rocks and drain holes ensure you won't be carrying water with you on dry land.

Cordura is the fabric used to construct the uppers. Hard wearing and quick drying, they resist the softening that occurs with a similarly designed shoe constructed of cotton canvas.

Keeping shoes clean and odor-free has never been easier. Wash the fuckers in the shower, rinse and dry. Presto cleano!

For the fair price of $70-80 these can't be beat. I am on my second pair now and will be wearing these as long as they are manufactured. Two thumbs up Altama!

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