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No cooler, cold beer!

Winter camping, why bring a cooler full of ice? I never could reconcile to myself the extra weight and hassle associated with warm weather excursions when the temperatures outside will suffice for keeping beer and perishables at refrigerator level. While the cool temperatures will chill your beer, you still probably want a cold one upon arrival at your spot. Enter evaporative cooling...

I grabbed two German Tall Boys (GTBs) and a pair of old wool socks that I no longer wear. The beers were placed into the socks and soaked in water then tied to the spare tire carrier of the Rocktruck. 70 miles down the highway and 12 miles up the Forest Service road provided enough airflow through the wet socks to sufficiently chill the beers to my liking.

Wigwam cooler in place...

Nothing like an ice cold GTB in the middle of nowhere...

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