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WABDR Sections 1&2

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

SECTION 2 Ellensburg to Packwood

122 miles.

Camping out of the wind. Broken diesel pump at Nile. We lose another, down to three of us. MUD!

Heading south to Umtanum.

We decided on getting off the ridge and into a draw to minimize wind. Not a bad camp spot for a night.

Down from Umtanum to Cleman Mountain.

On Cleman Mountain.

Nice view .

On the way down to Nile.

On Bethel Ridge. Our African buddy bailed back to Seattle via 410.

Road 324/325: Made it through. Trying to stay on top of a rut in this baby shit was next to impossible.

He made a valiant effort. The pit ahead would have been too much work. The chainsaw came out and they went around.

The last great view of the trip. On to Packwood and section 1.



Packwood to Stevenson

120 miles.

Subarus and ten speed bikes. Trees and tourists. Last night out. Do it to say you did.

Our last night out was spent on the banks of the Cispus River. Nice spot. No trash.

There are a few nice views of Mt. Adams in this section.

Arrival at the final destination. Rover was limited to 3 gears (no overdrive) due to internal damage discovered during the section 4 ascent through the jungle. The CJ-5 has a cracked brake distribution block on the rear axle. 50mph home on the freeway...

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