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Ruck It!

In the prusuit of physical fitness I have rediscovered a great form of morning PT. Rucking. Now, I have had and always will have some form of large rucksack as this is the alpha and omega of a great camping trip. Haul in, haul out.

This ruck, always packed has been totally neglected, sitting on the shelf with much of my other useful outdoor gear. What a waste! My camping load always hovers around 50lbs.

A pair of green patrol bags, bivvie, 10x13' nylon tarp, water, hammoc, bungee cords, VS17 panel, mini MSR stove, toothbrush, spare pants, sweater, socks and other comfort items.

After a week of rucking around the 540 acre wooded park near my crib I decided this 55lb load was unacceptable. Not enough weight. Added to the load was a 240 round pack of Austrian Hirtenberger 7.62x51mm adding 13lbs to the ruck. Feels about right.

After rucking for a few weeks every weekday morning, I feel great! The pace is fast and I maintain it for an hour, making daily variations in the route.

Anybody who hates running and wants some great exercise should pack a bag and find a route.


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